In-depth Email Consult

Detailed worksheet produces some recommendations, plus an array of tools to help on your family’s name journey.

Suggested price: $150.00


Fill out an extended (roughly 10-page) worksheet with space for both partners (if applicable) to state their preferences, hopes and goals for their baby’s name. Talk about how you chose your other children’s names; provide some details, if you like, on things that might be especially meaningful if incorporated into your baby’s name story. Includes a March Madness-style “name bracket” that asks for your opinions on a list of pre-generated names to help Hannah get some insight into your “name style.”

Your writeup will be 8-10 pages long, and include discussion of your family name style (helpful for your own continued name research), insights into how siblings’ names might affect your choice, specific geographic information for your region, and more. Plus 15-20 name recommendations developed especially for you.


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