Welcome to Ipseity, the baby name consultant service of Hannah B. Emery, PhD.

Ipseity means “selfhood” or “identity,” and that is the goal of all of Hannah’s consults: to help your family find the name that best reflects the identity you want for your child. As a sociologist, Hannah has spent most of the last decade studying names and naming; as a parent, she knows how agonizing it can feel trying to find “just the right name.” She is here to help.

Since launching Ipseity, Hannah has completed more than a dozen consults, most often working with two to three families a month. Families consistently remark on how insightful and personalized her work is, as well as how much fun they have reading her results.

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Picking a name wasn’t a gut decision for us, and we felt overwhelmed by all our choices. Hannah’s insightful consultation helped us pinpoint why we liked and didn’t like the names we did!


As a bit of a name nerd myself, I thought Hannah’s consult would be fun and informative – what I didn’t expect was that her insights would change the way we were thinking about names for our little one, or that we might need to have another kid if we want to use these ideas… I can wholeheartedly recommend Ipseity, but proceed with caution lest you end up with more names than you have babies for!