Consulting Packages

All of Ipseity’s consults begin the same way. Within 24 hours of receiving your order, Hannah will email you a short workbook to go through (approximately 10 pages of material). The workbook will collect information from you (and your co-parent, if applicable) on the following topics:

* names you may already be considering for your child
* qualities you want to emphasize or avoid in your child’s name
* your opinion on a bracket of pre-selected names, to help illuminate the “style” of names you like and dislike
* optional demographic information about your family

What happens next depends on the package you selected.

Looking for a tool to help you refine your list of names on your own? Hannah offers that, too.


Email Consult — $50

Click here for a sample email writeup (note that this links to the same writeup available from the homepage).

If you choose this option, you will receive a written response to your worksheet. This writeup will include information about the names on your list (current national and regional popularity, predictions of future popularity, linguistic and demographic information), analysis of your “name style,” suggestions on how well the names you’re considering might meet your stated goals for your child’s name, and a list of name suggestions.

This list will always include roughly 12-20 names. If you state that you’re interested in only girls’ or only boys’ names, you’ll get a list of about 12 names chosen with that gender in mind, plus 1 or 2 “backups” for the other gender (Hannah has heard more than one story of ultrasound techs making mistakes, amnio results being switched, or the universe just playing a joke on parents). If you don’t state a preference for girls’ or boys’ names, you will receive about 7-10 names for each.

You will typically receive your writeup within 1-2 weeks of returning your completed worksheet. If you need your results ASAP (i.e., if your due date’s in 3 days), please state this in your initial email so that Hannah can evaluate the feasibility of a rush job.

Note that after reviewing your worksheet, Hannah may send you a short followup email with some clarifying questions before beginning her analysis.

Phone Consult — $100

If you choose this option, Hannah will contact you by email after reviewing your worksheet to find a mutually convenient time to talk and to see what specific questions you’d like the conversation to focus on. During your 45-minute conversation, you and Hannah can discuss how well your existing name choices fit your goals for your child’s identity, explore name categories or sources of inspiration you might not have previously considered, and talk about any other specific issues you’re having with choosing a name. After your conversation, Hannah will provide a writeup similar to that received in an email consult, typically delivered to you within 1 to 2 weeks.

On-Call Consulting — $150

If you choose this option, Hannah will be available to you for up to 3 phone calls and for ongoing email support (typically answering emails within 1 day) until your child’s name is finalized.