Consulting Packages

Beginning in June 2020, Ipseity offers two consult options: a streamlined model and an in-depth model. Both are offered as pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth products.

Streamlined Consult.
To pursue this option, families fill out a short online survey of about 12 questions (shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes; one parent can do it alone, or 2 parents can do together or separately), and send a payment via PayPal. Hannah will analyze the results and respond with a short writeup of 4-6 pages that includes:
— basic analysis of your existing name list
— how siblings’ names might affect your name choice
— 8-12 name suggestions, with personalized information and analysis for each.

Typically, clients pay between $50-$75 for a streamlined consult.

In-Depth Consult.
The “classic” consult that Ipseity has offered since 2017, the in-depth option offers families the option to fill out a longer worksheet and go into more detail about what they’re looking for, including:
— qualities you want to emphasize or avoid in your child’s name
— filling out a bracket of pre-generated names (March Madness style), to help illuminate the type of names you like and dislike
— optional demographic and general information about your family

The writeup you will receive for an in-depth consult includes everything in the short writeup, plus more information about your family name style. It also gives you the chance for Hannah to delve more deeply into developing a list that’s personally meaningful for your family. Finally, this package includes the option to add geographically specific data for your state/region/metro area into my analysis, a real bonus for families who are looking for something that’s unique in their region.

Typically, clients pay between $100-$150 for an in-depth consult.

Looking for a baby shower gift?
Every consulting package is fully transferable! Just let Hannah know in your payment notes that you’re purchasing the package for someone else, and provide the name of the person who’ll be redeeming the gift.

Looking for a tool to help you refine your list of names on your own? Hannah offers that, too.