Why Use a Name Consultant?

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the universe of possible names, seeking a middle ground between very different naming styles, or trying to find a name that meets a long list of specific criteria, a consult with Hannah can benefit you. Her expertise and experience will help you develop a clearer idea of what kinds of names might fit your family. She’ll also provide you with a set of possibilities that can serve either as a “Final List” or as a starting point for further discussion.

By taking advantage of Hannah’s services, you are positioning yourself to make a smarter, more thoughtful, more well-informed naming decision. While Hannah will offer feedback and suggestions, and even note her own favorites on the list she provides, she will not be the one choosing your baby’s name. That privilege is yours alone.

When working with Hannah, here are just a few of the benefits you will gain.

Limiting the field. Most name dictionaries claim to offer between 50,000 and 100,000 names. In 2016, the Social Security Administration recorded more than 32,000 unique names given to 5 or more babies in the United States. For most parents, this is simply too much data. Hannah’s consults will produce a list of between 12 and 20 names (depending on whether you’re requesting names for 1 sex or both) which will all reflect your stated goals for your child’s name.

Eliminating your need to research. As someone immersed in the field, Hannah is familiar with everything from the most popular names in various countries around the world, to the newest celebrity baby name trends, to the names the data suggests are likely to hit the American top 20 next year. Plus, she reads all the name blogs so you don’t have to.

Heading off common pitfalls. Here are just a few of the factors Hannah takes into account when developing a list of names for your child:

    — Your style, both as individuals and as a family. By combining your list of existing favorites with your ratings on a set of “sample names,” Hannah can get a sense of the style elements you like (particular sounds, androgynous or highly gendered, old-fashioned or contemporary, and more!) and help you find more names that fit your taste, as well as help you and your partner “meet in the middle.’
    — Your name goals, both stated and unstated. For example: you say you want to avoid a Top 100 name, but the names you and your partner agree on are all rocketing toward the top of the charts, Hannah will provide some alternatives that share qualities with your favorites (ethnic background, sound, style, etc.), but are likely to remain a little more unique.
    — A name’s flow with siblings’ names and baby’s family name. Hannah will evaluate everything from how your proposed names “match” with siblings’ names style-wise — or whether you might inadvertently be setting a “family style” — to the flow of first and last name, and how the last name works with likely nicknames and initials.

Helping you meet very particular name goals. Some examples:

    — A compromise name. For a family trying to honor Irish and Indian heritage, Hannah might suggest the boys’ name Kieran/Kiran, two names pronounced nearly the same way across the two cultures.
    — An homage name. If a family wants to honor recently deceased Great-Aunt Linda but doesn’t care for her name aesthetically, Hannah might suggest Kalinda, Linnea, or Rosalind.
    — A name with deeply personal meaning for your family. A couple seeking a name with Jewish roots and who both love The Lord of the Rings might find special meaning in the name Samuel, as they look forward to sharing their favorite story with their own little Sam.