Regional Popularity Info for California Parents

Ipseity now offers a unique benefit for California parents: get an in-depth analysis of name trends in your community as part of an email consult!

As of May 2018, Hannah has birth certificate data from the state of California that includes the county of birth for all children born in the state between 2012 and 2016. This means she can provide California clients with customized information about name trends in your county and neighboring counties.

Some examples of the kinds of information this resource would make available to you:

— In San Diego County in 2016, Ximena and Santiago were both Top 20 names; neither ranked in the top 25 statewide or in the top 100 nationally. Other names much more popular in San Diego County than in the state overall included Kai (#70 in San Diego County, #113 statewide) and Maverick (#74 in San Diego County, #130 statewide) for boys, and Emilia (#41 in San Diego County, #86 statewide) and Lillian (#50 in San Diego County, #99 statewide) for girls.
— In Alameda County, the girls’ name Hazel jumped from #128 in 2012 to #16 in 2016 (while moving from #172 to #52 nationally); Luna jumped from #107 to #29 (and from #224 to #77 nationally). In the same time period, boys’ name Mateo moved from #39 to #1 in Alameda County (#137 to #59 nationally) and Leo from #104 to #37 (#134 to #74 nationally).
— Comparing names used in California’s urban and rural counties in 2016, Ethan was far more popular in urban than rural areas (#3 compared to #18), while Oliver was far more popular in rural areas (#6 compared to #25).

Interested in learning more about name popularity in your area? Contact Hannah.